A brief history of 7 years:

  • 2010/10: Landed first illustration gig with the high school newspaper
  • 2011/07: Started the first of many summer rounds with my dad’s one-man system support van – punched down my first keystone jack and jammed my first Ethernet cable
  • 2012/05: Somehow became a yearbook editor with ~2 months of Photoshop “experience”
  • 2012/12: Deeply regretted becoming yearbook editor, after first report cards came back
  • 2013/09: Transitioned into yearbook editor-in-chief role, while doing layouts for other magazines
  • 2013/10: Took my first “real” job as a monster at Canada’s Wonderland
  • 2013/12: Applied to UBC Science on a whim
  • 2014/09: Moved to Vancouver – forgot to bring an umbrella
  • 2014/11: Enticed by robots and Subway sandwiches, made an impulsive decision to switch majors and aim for Engineering Physics
  • 2015/03: Found fast friends in the UBC Physics Society
  • 2015/09: Kicked off second year with 6 courses, 2 part-time jobs, and positions with SUS, URO, Physsoc and the UAS team
  • 2015/11: Learned to pull consecutive all-nighters
  • 2016/01: Dropped everything to join Shopline as a developer intern
  • 2016/05: Returned to UBC to start a jam-packed summer term
  • 2016/08: A robot is born to 4 loving parents, with an unusually short gestation period of 2 months
  • 2016/09: Kicked off third year with 7 courses, 2 part-time jobs, and no (!) extracurriculars
  • 2016/10: Still managed to burn out with a significantly lighter workload – blamed Rudin
  • 2017/01: Entered second term with 8 courses, 4 part-time jobs, and a healthy amount of fear
  • 2017/02: Learned to sleep six nights a week while somehow maintaining a normal human schedule
  • 2017/05: Joined the SAP Jam team as an intern – mostly excited about sleeping more than 20 hours a week and working in a team with a double digit amount of engineers for the first time
  • 2017/08: Transitioned from backend development to devops (closer to my mentor’s actual focus), said goodbye to the old Jam interns, and inherited the responsibility of running SAP’s biweekly Board Games Nights
  • 2017/09: Began preparations for an engineering capstone project with CHIME and resumed some part-time teaching positions at UBC before and after work


I tend to take on a lot more than I can handle at first, then stretch myself to my limits to fulfill my responsibilities and grow myself as a person. If I bite off more than I can chew at any given time, my gut reaction is always to chew harder.